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Currently Dues are $100.00 per year.

To pay dues on line:
Currently you can pay one year's dues $100.00. Plus a convenience fee of $3.50 that will be collected to cover the fees charged by PayPal. Please note that your address,( i.e. 289 Oak) is your account number and must be included in order for you dues to be properly credited.


You can also pay your dues using ACH automatic withdrawal from your bank account. There is nor fee for this type of payment. If you are interested just down load, complete the ACH FORM attach a voided check and return.

You can  either send via USPS at:
Southwick Farm Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 674
Clayton, NC 27528

or via email at:

Contact Signature Management 
919-333-3567 or

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    HOA documents can be found at :

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